FEYNLAB Ceramic ‘LITE’ 40ml

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITE er en bruksenkel, holdbar, glatt, hydrofobisk lakkcoating som vil gi et høyt glansnivå på en hver type lakk. Den er ekstremt enkel i bruk, utviklet for både...
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FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITE er en bruksenkel, holdbar, glatt, hydrofobisk lakkcoating som vil gi et høyt glansnivå på en hver type lakk. Den er ekstremt enkel i bruk, utviklet for både å være hurtig og tilgivende, med superb holdbarhet bekreftet med over 60 000 påføringer hittil i verden. CERAMIC LITE er arven etter FEYNLAB® sjefsforskeren. Han laget den første keramiske coatingen over et tiår siden, formelen har siden da blitt videreutviklet og stadig forbedret til den nå er eksklusivt markedsførst som FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITE.

CERAMIC LITE er klasset som vår entry-level coating grunnet dens ekstreme brukervennlighet. Applikasjonen og brukeropplevelsen er laget slik, at “alle” kan coate kjøretøyet sitt. ‘LITE’ er designeringen fordi coatingen inneholder lavere faststoffer enn FEYNLABs® andre produkter. Likevel skulle det være et veldig lite kompromiss i forhold til holdbarhet og ytelse, dette får FEYNLAB® til fordi de utvikler, produserer, fyller, forsegler og frakter alle sine produkter in-house.

CERAMIC LITE Application Instructions:

  1. Apply enough CERAMIC LITE to a microfiber sponge applicator to fully cover a single panel such as a door or half a hood.
  2. Make a “+” (plus) sign with product in the middle of the panel, then wipe around the boundaries of the section creating a frame.
  3. Next, fill in the framed area with slightly overlapping straight lines from left to right over the whole area and then repeat now creating up and down line. This cross-hatching ensures an level application.
  4. Due to its user friendliness, CERAMIC LITE may be applied to the entire vehicle before removal.
  5. After application, step back and look for any areas missed or those with excess product. If found, smooth out evenly with the applicator sponge. This will ensure even drying across the panel and minimize excess product usage.
  6. Allow CERAMIC LITE to dwell on the panel a minimum of 15-20 min, until it is about 75% dry. Dwell time may vary depending on humidity and temperature. * Humid Climates 75%+ = Shorter Dwell time.
  7. To test removal readiness: lightly swipe a small spot with a gloved finger and looking for a clean swipe. If the swipe reveals a clean trail then remove, if the swipe smears then allow it to dwell longer. Repeat swipe test again in 2-5 min increments to determine wipe times.
  8. Wipe off CERAMIC LITE following same pattern of application, using a clean microfiber towel.

Recommended Maximum Area of Application:
ENTIRE vehicle, then wipe off in same pattern as application.

Note: If using CERAMIC LITE on black textured plastics, perform a simple wipe after 1-2 min to ensure even application and wipe clear if you see any residue or uneven areas.

Final Inspection:
Be sure to carefully inspect all finished panels for any leftover coating residue (high spots) during the final wipe. Commonly edges, emblems, and other tight areas may contain some remaining residue. High spots are much easier to remove if caught within a 20-40 min window after the final wipe, than later when the coating has set and curing has started.

Although one layer of CERAMIC LITE is sufficient to achieve the one-year warranty on clear-coated paintedsurfaces, another coat may be applied to any area to gain additional thickness (such as the hood or front bumper).

To layer CERAMIC LITE, wait at least an hour after final wipe off of first layer. For best results and performance wait 1-3 hours between second later. Do not wait till after 3 hours as cloudiness will result.

Infrared Curing (Optional):
Bake each panel with an IR lamp @ 60°C (140°F) for 15min at a distance of ~30-36″ from the panel.

Post Application Instructions:

  • Avoid any incidental water exposure for 24 hours. If it occurs, gently wipe water off the surface.
  • Avoid all chemicals including car washes for 7 days.
  • If the vehicle must be released in wet conditions before 24hrs after the final coating, then apply FEYNLAB®  DETAILER after 1-2 hours of curing time.
  • Wash & Maintain Paint Regularly using FEYNLAB® PURE WASH or FEYNLAB® PURE RINSELESS.

Climate Notes:
All FEYNLAB®  Coatings are subject to different dwell and curing time windows due to humidity and temperature. In General, the higher the humidity level the quicker the coating will cure. If humidity level approaches 75% or higher then consider lessening the recommended dwell and wipe times for the coating.

If possible apply coating in temperature controlled environment 10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F), with humidity as low as possible.


Vekt 0.065 kg
Dimensjoner 8 × 4 × 4 cm


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